Gield Institute

Who we are

Who We Are

Gield Institute was established in 2005 to respond to the raising need of bringing together think tanks to respond to the demand for high-quality, actionable climate information and services with a  growing, better connected, more interactive and more user-oriented approaches across the entire ,management, adaptation, community engagement,  and eco- system friendly innovations.

This ranges from improved knowledge base, through increased accessibility, up to enhanced uptake of information and climate services by end-users spanning policy makers, governmental agencies, local authorities, civil society and the private sector knowledge in establishment of Justice in the community ,advocacy and bridge the gap of inconsistence  in  the management of biodiversity conservation and a core understanding of community based natural resources management, stakeholder engagement ,policy development and engagement for improved governance and working platforms at community level to regional and global level.


The Institute has a mandate to ensure that all developmental goals in relation to achievement of sustainable development goals  and Sustainable Coexistence” program is focused on providing support to advance inclusive.

Development of Community-centred conservation strategies that offer mutual benefit to and support the sustainable coexistence of human and wildlife communities. Address the significant and adverse health, environmental, economic, climate, and other cumulative impacts of pollution and environmental degradation, especially on communities that  are marginalized or underserved.